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Understanding How to Play European and Asian Handicap Bets

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BeitragVerfasst am: 19.07.2023 - 05:27    Titel: Understanding How to Play European and Asian Handicap Bets Antworten mit Zitat

Hello everyone, I'm sure every betting enthusiast has heard of the two well-known types of bets: European Handicap and Asian Handicap. These are the two most popular types of bets in the world of sports betting, including football, sports, Esports, and virtual sports. But what are the specific differences between them? Which type of bet should you choose? Let's go through this article to find out.

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Differences Between European Handicap and Asian Handicap Bets:
Firstly, as you can see, they differ right from their names. Besides their basic names (which are not related to their origins), European Handicap is also known as 1X2, while Asian Handicap is commonly referred to as Handicap (HDC) or simply known as Chấp in Vietnamese.
Regarding the actual differences, the most significant one lies in the odds set for each type of bet.
In European Handicap, you have only three options: WIN - DRAW - LOSE.
In Asian Handicap, the stronger team will give a handicap to the weaker team by a certain margin (X). The result you bet on doesn't matter; what matters is whether your chosen handicap will be realized in the match or not. For example, if you choose a team to win with a handicap of -1, it means you expect that team to win by at least two goals.
Regarding the odds, European Handicap typically displays odds like 1.90, which includes both the stake and the winnings. For example, if you bet 100,000 VND, you will receive 190,000 VND as winnings, along with your initial stake, making a total of 290,000 VND.
For Asian Handicap, you will see odds like 1, 1.25, 1.75, or even 2.3. These odds reflect the goal difference between the two teams. More specific details about the outcomes of winning or losing in Asian Handicap will be discussed in the following articles.
Which Bet is Better to Play?
This is a difficult question, or simply put, a "tricky" question. At first glance, European Handicap seems simpler, but Asian Handicap offers higher potential rewards and requires higher calculation abilities. It all depends on which type of bet suits you better. Experiment with both, bet less or bet more, and sooner or later, you'll figure it out.
Effective Strategies for Playing European and Asian Handicap Bets:
Avoid Consensus in European Handicap:
Don't follow the majority blindly. You must trust your own judgment. When most people are betting on the same outcome, it becomes easier for bookmakers to manipulate odds and trap bettors. Go against the flow when necessary if your analysis is logically sound.

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Evaluate Teams' Current Form & Tactics:
Studying team tactics will help you understand the flow of the game. Different tactics can counter and dominate each other. Be constantly learning and knowledgeable about football to help you quickly judge which team has a higher chance of winning.
Historical Head-to-Head Records:
Analyzing the historical head-to-head records between two teams is important for making accurate predictions. You can find detailed information about previous encounters, which will be helpful not only for European and Asian Handicap bets but also for various other betting options.
Monitor and Compare Odds:
Monitor odds closely, as they can change rapidly during a match. Stay flexible and adapt your analysis as the game unfolds. Use this information in combination with the timing of odds release to make better decisions.
Continuous Analysis:
Avoid the approach of analyzing the match once and then betting throughout the entire match based on that analysis. Betting is a dynamic activity with many unexpected changes. Stay active and analyze continuously to make better decisions.
Long-Term Mindset:
A calm and disciplined mindset will help you make better betting decisions. Never chase losses or bet excessively. Manage your bankroll properly to avoid getting into financial trouble.

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Understanding European and Asian Handicap bets will enable you to create excellent betting strategies and plans. Keep in mind the experiences shared in this article, as they can lead you to great success in your betting journey. Good luck!
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